BPI Sports 1.M.R Review


I’ve been looking for a pre-workout formula for a while now and I’ve finally found one that made me feel as though I was working harder and better. 1.M.R(1MR) instantly gave me a boost that pushed me farther than I’ve even been before and helped me to get more and more sets out than I could have done without it. I read that the formula is being used by pro athletes, and let’s be honest the majority of formulas and supplements claim that to make you buy them. I tend to stay away from these kind of products but the fact that so many people had tried it with incredible results made me at least buy 1, 140 gram bottle just to give it a shot. It arrived in the mail a few days after I’d bought it and it gave it a whirl. Normally you’d expect to drink a huge bottle of the stuff before you could even think about heading down to the gym but luckily it is designed to fit in a really small cup. I wasn’t sure how much to put in at first. I’m used to the same bottle sizes so I looked and I can’t say that I wasn’t skeptical.


A pre-workout formula that only wants me to use 6oz cup? That couldn’t be right. I read and read again, but it was the same. A cup between 4 and 6oz… Incredible! Now the taste of a workout formula isn’t normally something you go to bed at night dreaming of, but hell it isn’t actually that bad. No more bitterness, left over power, anything at all. I actually quite liked the taste, I’d gotten the lemon lime formula which I thought would either be tasteless or have a tiny little tint to it, but it was actually pretty good for once check here!

My Training History

Now typically I’d be doing between 10-15 sets on my generic work out days, but after a few minutes of taking the formula I could feel it kicking in. I knew I’d found something that at least gave me a boost, almost like a really strong coffee, but I was wrong. It wasn’t just a boost. It was a kick in the face, a body bomb that set off as soon as I grabbed my warm up weights that carried me through an intense hour long work out, letting me push myself to over 30 sets. I felt intense, on fire but in a good way. I was unstoppable but I steadied myself, pushing myself without trying to destroy my body. I wanted to make sure I could work out again this week without injury, so after my sets I finished up and headed home.Let me put it this way.

Even though I was holding back from what I thought I could do during my workout, I still managed to absolutely SMASH some of my personal records. I even had a few guys come up to me after watching a few of my sets and ask what I was taking, I was stoked! I hadn’t had this kind of attention before and apparently it wasn’t just my imagination that was making me believe that this original site was making a difference to my workout. Guys who I’d been looking up to in my gym for a few months now were starting to ask me about my work out and what advice I could offer them to help them improve theirs, and all I could suggest was trying our my pre-workout!Extreme workout…



Now I’m mainly a strength builder, I’m not the kind of guy that wants to look big but couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag if you catch my drift. Quite a few of the pre-work out products that I’d been trailing with my work out weren’t particularly a great fit for what I needed. I guess quite a few companies are aimed at guys looking to look big but not really gain strength, so it made it hell looking for exactly what I needed. I stumbled across BPI Sports pre-workout supplement after reading a recommendation from another skeptic turned lover, and let me tell you that I’m in the same boat as him. I honestly could not recommend this pre-workout enough to anyone that is looking to get one hell of a lot bigger. Just for an example, quite a few pre-workout formulas won’t give you much. They’re more of a placebo, a scoop of crushed caffeine tablets and talcum powder made to fool you into believing you were going to have more energy during your workout which never really happens. Sure you can imagine that you’re going to have the energy but in reality it doesn’t work that way, which is why 1.M.R by BPI Sports is so good!

The fact that it’s a product based on exact science as opposed to hard-selling and clever camera tricks, you can be sure that this pre-workout really is going to benefit you like no other product will do. Normally post workout I’d be feeling a bit crappy from the my response formula, I’ve tried a few others over my time and also found that they left my stomach churning for a few hours even after I’d had my post-workout meal. With this supplement I didn’t have that problem, which means that I can spend my time after my session writing this review instead of being sat on the toilet praying that I’m not going to explode all over the walls.If you are looking for extreme workouts, buy it now, couldn’t recommend it enough!

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